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Personal Injury Lawyer in Brooklyn

  Injury is a fact of life. Every day thousands of New Yorkers slip and fall, get into auto accidents, get injured at work, and etc. Our everyday life is full of hazardous situations and objects. What should you do when you get injured? In most cases, people just go to their insurance company and get compensated.However, insurance companies are not interested in paying out high compensations for your injury. They will do their best to pay you as little a possible. Going directly to the insurance company is obviously not the best choice, but what can you do? If you live in Brooklyn, the answer is simple: apply for a personal injury lawyer at the Boyko & Associates law firm. If you want to get professional help be represented by law gurus, Boyko & Associates is your choice.

Boyko & Associates – Best Brooklyn Injury Attorney

We, the staff of Boyko & Associates, are dedicated to helping our clients, aggressively representing them in NYC. Our main specialization is personal injuries. With the combination of passion for work, professionalism, and sincere compassion we successfully represent our clients in court. We understand that thousands of people in Brooklyn and all over New York City need the help of a personal injury lawyers. Our team of professional attorneys is ready to help out any individual who needs assistance in their personal injury case. Boyko & Associates is an independent law firm. We do not collaborate with any insurance companies and HMOs. We focus on real people and try to solve real problems. The goals of Boyko & Associates are simple:

  • Represent our clients, protecting their rights and supporting their claims;
  • Represent families of our clients, providing professional assistance to them;
  • Aggressively defend our clients, improving their claims and credibility against negligent parties.

Our expertise allow Boyko & Associates to focus on Civil Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law issues. As well as provide injury lawyer services in Brooklyn.

How We Can Help

Boyko & Associates law firm pushes the envelope to help as many clients as we can. We are a dedicated firm, that comes up with creative solutions to your problems. Our professional team is committed to each and every client. We protect the rights of our clients against any other party whether it is a big corporation or a powerful insurance company. We always focus on details and strive for results. We provide high-quality legal services in the following fields:

  • Personal Injuries. At Boyko & Associates, we deal with any kind of personal physical or psychological injuries. Remember, if you have an injury caused by the negligence of another person, if you suffer from IIED (Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress) or NIED (Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress), you can apply for a personal injury lawyer. Any harm caused to you intentionally or unintentionally can be handled as a personal injury case. If you lack the required experience and expertise and don’t want to pay medical bills because of the negligence of another person (other people), Boyko & Associates law firm is ready to defend your case.
  • Auto Accidents. Auto accident injuries happen much more often than we want. If you suffered from an injury or lost a family member or a loved one in an auto accident, then you have the legal grounding to file a suit for compensation. Our personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn will do everything possible to aggressively represent your case and to protect you in court. Do not hesitate to contact Boyko & Associates as most auto accidents should be dealt with the help of a professional lawyer. If you want to receive your compensation after: a vehicle crash caused by another vehicle, by vehicle defect, or by another person, you need a professional who understands legal codes and regulations and is ready to defend you against insurance companies and other third parties. At Boyko & Associates we are prepared to solve any post-crash situations related to personal cars, motorcycles, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers and etc.
  • Work Injuries. Work injuries are often caused by violation of safety and security rules by the employer. If you need protection against your company, if you want to get the compensation you deserve, or if you feel like your working environment can potentially cause (or has already caused) an injury, contact Boyko & Associates.
  • Medical Malpractice. Injuries caused by medical malpractice are rather common. If you have suffered from any form of a personal injury caused by medical malpractice, do not wait to contact us because you have the legal right to get compensated. Remember, professional negligence by a healthcare provider is a serious felony and may cause serious injuries and potential death of a patient, so it is your responsibility as a citizen to inform the authorities about it. At Boyko & Associates we understand the importance of the issue, and do our best prevent medical malpractices.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries. Slip and fall injuries are common in any environment (sidewalks,construction sites, offices, etc.). Any object, an uneven or wet surface can lead to an accidental fall. Remember that all citizens are protected by premise liability law. This means, if you get injured because of property owner’s negligence or willful disregard, you have the legal grounding to file a suit for compensation. As a rule, slip and fall injuries are broken down to four types: (a) slip and fall injury – when there is a slippery or wet surface but no warning (or no sufficient warning) is present; (b) trip and fall injury – when a person falls because of an object that is in the way and no warning (or no sufficient warning) is present); (c) step and fall injury – when a person falls because of a hole in the ground or because of an uneven surface; (d) stump and fall injury – when a person falls because of an accidental stop caused by a protrusion. Consequences of slip and fall injuries vary – from a strain to severe brain injuries and death.
  • Wrongful Death Claim. At Boyko & Associates, we are dedicated to helping close relatives of a deceased person, represent and support their wrongful death claims. If your family member is eligible for a wrongful death claim, you can seek retribution against a person who caused death through tort, that is, sue this person civilly in a wrongful death action. Our Brooklyn injury lawyer will break down the case for you and represent you in court to recover the compensation.

Boyko & Associates law firm provides a wide range of legal services. Each and every client is treated individually, we focus on the situation, and work on client’s case or claim with precision and care.

The Services We Provide

Boyko & Associates is passionate about helping people in difficult situations. That is why we do everything in our power to make our services as convenient as possible. We understand each case is unique and provide free confidential initial consultations to all our clients. In addition to our personal approach, we offer contingent fee contracts. You will be obliged to pay only if your case is successful. What makes us different from other law firms and insurance companies is that unlike them, we are interested in you getting the compensation you deserve. At Boyko & Associates, we understand that NYC is a multilingual city, so we provide Spanish and Russian speaking staff to assist you. Our law firm is dedicated to helping people no matter what, we are ready to take your side and help you secure medical care even if you have no health insurance. Remember, in many cases medical care should be provided cost-free, so don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about your issue in legal terms. Our injury attorney team has years of experience with medical care assistance cases. Our law gurus will also help you out in case of property damage claims. Our team of professionals will work on getting complete compensation for your injury and property damages.

Additional Info about Boyko & Associates

Boyko & Associates is a law firm that practices before all government agencies and courts related to immigration. Our clients have closed their immigration cases successfully. Boyko & Associates is a law firm that provides legal services of the highest quality. The satisfaction rate of our clients is high. Our personal injury attorney team works on improving professional qualities on a daily basis, dealing with dozens of cases in Brooklyn, NY. If you need an injury attorney in Brooklyn area, Boyko & Associates is your choice. To sum it up, Boyko & Associates is a law firm that is ready to work with any client. We offer a wide range of services on the most competitive terms and with the best quality. If you need a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn, we are here for you. The best team of legal professionals with years of experience and expertise is what Boyko & Associates law firm stands for.

  • Everyone has slipped and fallen at some point – it’s just a fact of life. Sometimes, it happens because of mere distraction or lack of attention. But other times, it’s due to negligence of others. Contact Boyko & Associates to find out how you can get compensated for your injury.

  • Everyone has slipped and fallen at some point – it’s just a fact of life. Sometimes, it happens because of mere distraction or lack of attention. But other times, it’s due to negligence of others. Contact Boyko & Associates to find out how you can get compensated for your injury.
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